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Who are Channel Operators (OPs)?

A channel operator can be identified by an @ sign in front of their nick.

The channel operator is the face of the channel itself.  The primary role of a channel operator should be to create a welcoming and respectable environment for the users of the site. The channel operator needs to be creative and friendly and help the chat room grow.  The channel operator can be the reason a user decides to come back or not.

A channel operator needs to try and resolve basic user queries.  As a matter of courtesy the channel operator should give a prompt reply.  If the query cannot be answered in a timely manner, the user can be recommended to view the FAQ page on this site.  

If they still cannot find the answer, there is a form available on the website where they can submit their query.

As a part of keeping the channel friendly and welcoming, a channel operator may need to kick/ban a user for not for not complying with the channel policies.

At no time is it acceptable for a channel operator to kick or ban a user for personal reasons.

How do I become a Channel Operator?

BDCHAT is now implementing a Channel Operator application process.  For those users who are interested in becoming a channel operator, they can now submit their application for consideration by the Network Administrators.

Applications can be submitted to the Network Administrator via our Facebook page.

Channel Operator Rules

Please remember that OP status is not a symbol of power, it is a volunteer job of peace making and growing the chat room.

These rules are not to question your authority or your performance.  These are rather to enhance the performance of all Ops.

(1) Do not abuse Op power.

(2) Do not ban/kick anyone for personal reasons.

(3)  Before you ban or kick anyone, warn them in main chat and private message.  If they still do not comply with the channel policy, then kick the user.

(4) After kicking a user three times and he/she still continues the same behavior then ban the user.

(5) Remember that this channel gives the highest priority to of freedom of speech.  If someone says anything bad about ops or the channel do not kick just because you do not agree with him or her.

(6) We do not allow users to fight using profanity, but if someone just uses the “f” word without harassing others don’t kick them just for that.  For example, if someone says, “I’m fucked up” or “I got a fucking problem”.  This kind of sentence does not bother us.  As long as it is not disrupting the peace in the chat, we do not kick them.

 (7) Do not kick a user for an offensive private message.  If a user complains that another user is being offensive in pm, advise the complaining user to place the the other on ignore.

(8) If you are upset with a user and he/she keeps harassing you in a modest way, don’t kick him or her.  If you are unable to control your anger, then leave the channel and come back later.  Please try and avoid confrontation and fighting.

(9) Many channels in the net do not allow cloning.  Since our channel is small, do not kick anyone for cloning at this moment.

(10) Do not give manual OP to anyone.

(11) Do NOT fight with other Ops.  If you have an issue with another op, leave a complaint on Candy_Shop_US’ skype.  You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

(12) We do not expect you as an Op to spend every free hour you have in BDchat. Please try and come at least 2-3 times a week.

(13) When the channel is busy, it is ok if you don’t talk in main chat.  However, when the channel is slow and no one is talking, try and bring up a topic and get others involved.  Try to keep the channel active and interesting.

A Channel Op is responsible to learn all of the commands of the server.  It is


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